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In 2012 Norwegian techno artist Todd Terje emerged with a dance track so bouncy that it threatened to put trampolines out of business. Curiously titled ‘Inspector Norse’, the origins of the club smash remained a mystery- until now. Director Christopher Borgli unravels the true story in this 15 minute film, and it all comes down to a loner named Marius.

Terje himself appears onscreen to explain how he came across Marius; a host of youtube videos showing a peculiar young man dancing to a variety of Terje’s songs. Going by his internet alias ‘Inspector Norse’, Magnus inspired the Scandinavian producer to create a track to match this outsiders inimitable bounce.

The film makers track down Marius at his home; he lives with his father in a suburban town, manages their tanning salon business and gets his kicks from impromptu dancing and homemade drugs. But all is not well with Marius. The director notes the Mount Everest pictures lining the walls. Marius explains they are his ‘Whateverest’; an ode to the apathy the outside world has for his music and personality.

This is of course all utter, utter bullshit. There is no Inspector Norse, he is just a sly creation on the part of Terje and the film makers. Inexplicably, viewers have bought into the ruse, even hooking a certain Guardian music critic.

‘Whateverest’ is not a vintage mockumentary, though it leaves you with a wry smile. Marius’ wild antics and subsequent comedowns are too contrived to be laugh out loud or poignant. The film carries a certain charm though, buoyed by the serene, washed out visuals and Terje’s outrageously upbeat music.

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