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The charmingly titled Angst, Piss and Shit from Norwegian director Fredrik S. Hana is a stylish throwback to Italian Giallo filmmaking (shot in Argento-esque CinemaScope), with a subversive Nordic humor and tragically melodramatic core.

Arthur Berning stars as Kjetil, a deranged serial killer whose relationship with his girlfriend Wenche (Maja Baaserud) has gone sour. The couple once engaged in romantic adventures of a murderous nature, but we discover that Wenche’s taste for violence has dissipated. Kjetil maintains his murderous activities independently; as a result Wenche feels betrayed, even cheated.

The film’s opening sequence, where Kjetil murders an innocent woman in one long absurd take, is totally engrossing. The weird humor that Hana elicits is disturbing, but recognisably unique. Equally striking is the film’s proggy soundtrack by Anders Hana, which recalls long time Argento collaborators Goblin.

Much like its title though, Angst Piss and Shit is far from subtle in its handling of these deranged characters. The interesting central relationship between Kjetil and Wenche is not substantially developed amid the scenes of violence. This is something of a disappointment, as the actors and visual choices are strong.

Nevertheless this is still a very promising short. Hana displays a strong grasp of the technical and artistic variables required to translate his ideas to the screen. Perhaps with a feature treatment Angst Piss and Shit could be a truly compelling (if stomach churning) exploration of demented love.

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