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Harris Savides, one of Hollywood’s most revered cinematographers, died yesterday at the age of 55 after suffering from brain cancer. Savides was responsible for lighting and lensing several game changing films, including David Fincher’s accomplished digital noir Zodiac and Gus Van Sant’s ‘death trilogy’ comprised of Gerry, Elephant and Last Days. He brought a distinct and sensitive photographic style to work with auteur directors; Zodiac was one of the first truly convincing examples of digital photography in a Hollywood film. Working with Van Sant on Elephant and Last Days he also explored the atmospheric possibilities of the 4:3 aspect ratio, an old fashioned format for the time. Savides is also remembered for his work with James Gray on The Yards (renowned for its expert use of underexposure), Noah Baumbach on Margot at the Wedding (with its vérité naturalism), Ridley Scott on American Gangster (in which he evoked the smokey tones of 1968 New York) and Woody Allen on Whatever Works (where he captured Larry David’s argumentative, fourth-wall-breaking protagonist). Savides was a diverse and perceptive DOP, whose distinct visual stamp will certainly be missed.

LAST DAYS (2005)

ZODIAC (2007)



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